PACS Viewer Built for AI

Interoperable and Workflow-Centric

We seamlessly integrate several different AI solutions into our platform from many different vendors and make it easy to integrate your own using our open source tools. We provide automatic application sandboxing, simple algorithm enable/disable switches, and transparency into the process of bringing new AI into the clinic. We’re committed to building the best foundational platform to translate new imaging algorithms and ideas into the clinic quickly, safely, and transparently.

Our Mission

What we do

We believe radiologists should be using the latest technologies in the workflow they're already used to
Workflow Perfection

As radiologists, we know that you don’t want to interrupt your workflow to switch between several different AI solutions. You don’t really want BPAs either. With Gradient Health, you don’t have to deal with fragmentation across AI vendors or crude alerts--we aim to bring you many different imaging AI solutions that are deeply integrated into the workflow you already use. We go a step further and include team collaboration tools for second opinions and more.

Modern Technologies

Gradient Health is built using the latest technologies like Golang, Python, Tensorflow, React, Kubernetes, Docker, and more. This makes it easy for other developers and vendors to integrate into our ecosystem. If you have a docker container or an API that adheres to our interface, you can be up and running with Gradient. Using the latest tech also means we’re high performance and very versatile. P.S if you love tech and healthcare as much as we do, email us at’re hiring!

open interfaces

We will offer well defined open interfaces to our platform and a variety of open-source tools that will be helpful to you as you develop your imaging software. We don’t make any money until you do—access to full clinical sandbox, open source tooling, documentation, and more will always be free and instantly available to new developers. We’re committed to building the best foundational platform to translate new imaging algorithms and ideas into the clinic quickly and safely.

Administrative Security

We aim to provide hospital administrators with transparency, oversight, and control over the new technologies they choose to integrate into their radiology department. Our platform makes it easy to see what’s running in your Gradient Health installation, install and deploy new software (and training) with one-click, and more.


We're passionate about building a secure and transparent health AI ecosystem

Ouwen Huang

Ouwen is a tech entrepreneur with seasoned experience in software engineering, image processing, and data engineering. He was CTO of a YCombinator image analytics company acquired by Chem China (中国化工集团公司) for $5.5M. He is an MD/PhD candidate at Duke, and will teach deep learning in Duke’s upcoming Masters program in data science. Inspired to modernize health IT from his experiences in the health system, Ouwen hopes to bridge the gap between cutting edge imaging research and clinical practice.

Suyash Kumar

Suyash is an experienced bay-area biomedical and software engineer who is passionate about translating modern technologies into the clinic. Suyash was previously a Software Engineer at Uber where he was responsible for the design and development of highly scalable software systems that millions of people use each month. Suyash also has extensive expertise developing biomedical imaging technologies, including novel ultrasound imaging work that has been commercialized, and has led software development on a pocket-sized colposcope pending FDA 510k approval. He currently is an Associate Instructor in the Duke Department of Biomedical Engineering where he teaches Medical Software Design.

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